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CQU Intership

CQUniversity is committed to ensuring our graduates are work ready by equipping them with real-world skills and up to date knowledge.  As such CQUniversity have introduced the internship program in many of our popular courses, which adds value at no extra cost in the following courses.

  • CQ18 – Bachelor of Information Technology
  • CC54 – Master of Information Technology
  • CC53 – Master of Information Systems
  • CA01 – Bachelor of Business
  • CQ01 – Bachelor of Accounting
  • CC58 – Master of Business Administration
  • CL21 – Master of Business Management
  • CC72 – Master of Human Resource Management
  • CV84 – Master of Project Management
  • CC74 – Master of Management for Engineers
  • CV82 – Master of Engineering

These 10-week internships are secured by CQUniversity and our partner, Australian Internships and are built within the course so the duration of the degree is not extended.

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